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Because you love books! This newsletter exists solely to satisfy my urge to share musings on what I read with someone other than my mother. She loves me, but listening to me recap the entire plot of a psychological thriller? She loves not.

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If you've ever asked me for a recommendation, thank you for giving me the push I needed to create this little gem. 

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Reading recs, reviews, musings on bookish topics, and more! Each chapter also always includes links of cool reads from around the web and ideas for things to watch and do when you feel like taking a break from the books.

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I'm Alexis, a Louisiana-bred, Los Angeles-based creative with a penchant for meet cutes and turning matcha into words. I own a lot of bookmarks, and yes, I do color-code my shelves. Follow me on social: @alexis_reliford

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A bi-weekly newsletter about books, life, and well, life with books.


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